Tuesday, 26 November 2002

Foomatic-GUI 0.1 unleashed (updated)

Here it is. You'll need at least foomatic-bin, python-gnome2 and python-glade2 for it to work (as well as their dependencies). No .deb yet.

Some of the input validation isn't there yet. It does do autodetection of parallel and USB printers; if a printer is known to foomatic's database, it will fill in the add druid for you; all you'll need to do is just hit "Forward" a few times to make the queue.

I've added proper GPLv2 boilerplate to each of the source files and fixed a few minor buglets. Also, you probably need python2.2-gnome2 1.99.13-2 for this to work properly.

Foomatic-GUI Preview

Here it is: the world's first look at foomatic-gui. It can do everything except add/modify a printer at the moment (i.e. it does next to nothing, but it sure does look pretty).