Monday, 6 December 2004

Groceries and the regulatory state

I somehow managed to purchase two frozen pizzas (“Dano’s Gourmet”—I always trust pizza from a company named after a character on Hawaii Five-O) at Winn-Dixie last week, and, upon cooking the first, I discovered to my horror that in lieu of actual mozzarella cheese, one of the toppings on the pizza is called “mozzarella cheese substitute blend.”

My question: should I be annoyed at the regulatory state for its failure to ban fake cheese from the frozen pizza market (i.e. its failure to act in the Carolene Products vein), or should I be annoyed at the regulatory state for its lulling me into a false sense of security—a belief that I wouldn’t be sold a pizza with fake cheese on it—which led me not to check the ingredients until I got home?

Or, should I be annoyed at Winn-Dixie for stocking this crap and take my grocery business to Kroger or Brookshire’s or McDade’s or Super Wal-Mart? (I’d add New Deal to this list, but I’m leery of any supermarket whose primary selling point in its weekly ads is that ”$19.99 feeds your family meat for a week.” Plus, I generally make it a matter of principle to avoid stores named after government programs…)

Thursday, 23 June 2005

SN gets results, crappy supermarkets edition

Ok, I probably can’t personally take credit for this one, but nonetheless Winn-Dixie is exiting the Jackson market just months after I revealed to the world that they sell crappy frozen pizzas in their stores. It is possible that other grocery chains will acquire at least some of the shuttered locations, including the venerable Fortification Street store that I avoid like the plague.

Update: More here.