Tuesday, 23 May 2006


For the most part, I’ve been finding the St. Louis area easy to get around and with a lot of nice neighborhoods—granted, those neighborhoods would be a teeny bit more affordable if I weren’t taking a $10k pay cut for this job, but no matter.

I’ve also arrived at the conclusion that I’m not going to find an affordable apartment that will be available in mid-to-late July in the middle of May. I sense another road trip in my future…


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Ahhh…the pain of increased expectations! May I suggest an alternative mental defense that you may have to employ in order to save your sanity:

“It was wonderful to be paid a salary disproportionately higher than the average salary of the one-year market. The money I saved will certainly help now that I have returned to the normal wage band of the market.”

Naahhh, who am I kidding. It just gives you a taste of how badly all one-years and adjuncts are being exploited.

You’re going to become a socialist and help the workers throw off the shackles of wage slavery now, right?

On another note, those of us who don’t just come here for Duke rape news might be interested in an interactive map pegging SLU and the neighborhoods you are looking in with appropriate linked photos. If you’re really going to indulge our inner voyeur, offer demographic and crime stats for each neighborhood.

Oh, and email me your mom’s new address (I assume the one in my address book is now obsolete) so I can send a congratulatory card.


I would be interested to hear what you, a libertarian, think about defense contractors—I’m writing a blog to track news about them. Please visit!

[Permalink] 3. Alfred Sumrall wrote @ Tue, 23 May 2006, 2:41 pm CDT:

As always, it was great seeing you the other day. I hope we can meet up en route to Columbia for the Ole Miss/Mizzou game (assuming you find a place to live between now and then). Faculty housing might be your friend. Or, if there is a place like the Village at Ole Miss (which is being demolished next May to build the new law school), maybe you can try that out?

On a totally random note, there is something unintentionally funny on Millsaps’ website. No, not the president’s resume and/or qualifications for being president and running it into the ground, but this headline: “Millsaps Successfully Hosts 112th Commencement.” I’m glad they were able to SUCCESSFULLY host a commencement ceremony, compared to the opposite, which is failure.


Scott: Interactive map? That would be, you know, work. Besides, I didn’t bring my copy of Google Maps Hacks with me.

Alfie: Alas, SLU isn’t all that helpful in regards to faculty housing. I certainly wouldn’t mind doing some sort of faculty-in-residence thing, but SLU doesn’t seem to do that for whatever reason.

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