Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Alleva: Pressler was already on probation

Duke AD Joe Alleva and VP Tallman Trask already had the performance of ex-lacrosse coach Mike Pressler on their collective radar screens, according to Tuesday’s Herald-Sun:

A high-level review of the men’s lacrosse team’s disciplinary records last year prompted Duke’s athletics director to warn the coach his team was “under the microscope” and that players needed to improve their conduct, the director said Monday.

At the time, the team’s reputation nationally was for winning games. Today, the team stands disgraced, with two players indicted on still-undisclosed charges stemming from an alleged gang rape at a team party, the season terminated and the coach forced out of his job.

Although the team’s reputation for drinking and debauchery has drawn attention since the rape allegation last month, an explicit warning to Coach Mike Pressler about the team’s behavior has not been previously revealed.

Will Alleva be the next to go? Only the Magic 8 Ball (and Dick Brodhead) knows…


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If this is true, then why exactly has Brodhead formed a committee to examine past behavior of the lacrosse team? It would seem that he already knows what this committee is supposed to find out. So either this piece of information is false or Brodhead is being disingenuous in his efforts. If this information is true, Brodhead’s investigation of the issue is a bit like Bush’s statements about wanting to get to know who has been leaking information. He is at best wasting people’s time. If this is true, Brodhead has some severe credibility problems.

[Permalink] 2. azbballfan wrote @ Tue, 18 Apr 2006, 2:44 am CDT:

Yep, for anyone who remotely follows college sports, the press release from Broadhead feigning knowledge of previous misdeeds and announcing an investigation was as disingenuous as Barry Bonds claiming he’s never knowingly taken steroids.

I’ll openly disclose that I’m a UCLA alumn – who had to live through the painful last days of the tenure of Chancellor Young and AD Pete Dalis. Changes were demanded by the alumni – the regents listened, and we couldn’t be happier.

Duke alumns, consider your alternatives.


Chris, saw that the arrests came through just before 5 am this morning. Looking forward to your coverage and insights.

[Permalink] 4. Skeptical-Hog wrote @ Tue, 18 Apr 2006, 6:05 am CDT:

My reaction to the initial Brodhead-Alleva press conference was “These guys don’t know what this story’s going to become, and they have just ensured they aren’t going to be around here when all the dust settles.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Alleva’s continued tenure at Duke is measured in days, if not hours. Brodhead, on the other hand, is a different story: his effective mea culpa email may have been enough to save his neck. But frankly, his handling of this case has been inexpert from the start, and I could see the trustees realizing that Duke’s salvation lies in a new administration entirely. As an aside, Burness’ performance as spokesman has been thoroughly unimpressive throughout in my opinion, and Duke is not helped by his continued presence in that capacity.

[Permalink] 5. Skeptical-Hog wrote @ Tue, 18 Apr 2006, 7:48 am CDT:

I take it that Alleva is trying to “pull the sting” by revealing that he was informed about the lacrosse team’s “boorish” behavior far before his “these are wonderful guys” defense at the press conference, since he knows all this will come out in the official investigation of the lacrosse team’s past behavior, leaving him to do some uncomfortable explaining when it does. Guess his defense was pure BS, a combination of wishful thinking and stonewalling… Alleva should do the honorable thing and start packing his bags before he’s told to do so, IMHO.

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