Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Mike Nifong: destroying the community's image in order to save it

The walking embarrassment that is our current district attorney let out another whopper at tonight’s DA candidate forum:

“The reason that I took this case is because this case says something about Durham that I’m not going to let be said,” said Nifong. “I’m not going to allow Durham’s view in the minds of the world to be a bunch of lacrosse players at Duke raping a black girl from Durham.”

Leaving aside that this statement fails to make logical sense, I think it would also be a fair statement that if the world’s view of Durham is “a bunch of lacrosse players at Duke raping a black girl” then that view was largely created by Nifong’s hyperbolic claims and irresponsible behavior during the investigation—which, of course, this statement is another instance of. Even the alleged victim only claims there were three rapists, which is well short of “a bunch,” and she couldn’t even identify any of them (no doubt by sheer coincidence) until their photos had been plastered across the front page of the News & Observer three weeks after the incident.

The bottom line in this case is that if it is ever proved in a court of law that a rape did occur at the hands of young men present at the party at 610 North Buchanan, something that is certainly within the realm of possibility even given the apparent absence of DNA evidence, reliable testimony by the alleged victim, or credible corroborating witnesses, it will largely be in spite of—not due to—the efforts of Mike Nifong.


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What to say to someone who keeps speaking out in a tough time for reason and due process ?

“Thank you,” for sure.

“And may your number multiply.”

Please keep at it.

I don’t know who’s guilty of what, but I want fairness and justice to prevail.

Your’re helping that happen.




It’s a shame that he is using this deliberate hoax to whip up blacks’ anger and garner their votes for himself. Race-baiting of the worst kind. What a sleazeball.

But blacks are not much better. They are easy to stir up. Critical reasoning is not evident either. I heard parts of his conference at NCCU. What ignorance and conspiracy mongering on the part of the audience. (A player is whisked of of the country by his parents, DNA samples tampered with etc.) Blacks are appearing to be easily given to misconceived or outlandish rumors.


This article says about hate crime hoaxes:

“In a self-published booklet titled, Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, Wilcox documented hundreds of hoax crimes and analyzed who commits them and why. Wilcox found that blacks are the worst offenders when it comes to staging phony hate crimes. While some perpetrate hoaxes to get insurance money or to cover their own misdeeds, many, particularly on college campuses, stage them to generate sympathy for their racial agenda.”


Tawanna Brawley, anyone? Remember that black chick in NY who wrote ‘nigger’ on herself and blamed a bunch of white kids? NY was in knots. All the usual suspects trot out to moan (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, you know the crew). Bottom line? Tawanna Brawley MADE IT UP.
Same thing here. This will turn out to be a reverse racist hoax. Mike Nifong should be FIRED for his ridiculously politically-driven mishandling of this non-case. No D.A. in their right mind would prosecute this case. Where are the merits?
This racist accuser should be jailed, and made to pay all legal fees, except Nifong’s. He should pay for his own grandstanding. What an ignorant ass.


The entire team had to give their DNA samples. Wouldn’t it be easier for the accusor to submit to a LIE DETECTOR TEST. Has the accuser even offered to take one? Has anyone offered the lacrosse players the chance?

The DA just wants the publicity and the black vote. He doesn’t want the truth.

The 2nd stripper indicated that the accused NEVER said anything to her about a rape. Additionally the 2nd stripper is the one that called 911 indicating the racist statement…but won’t admit it. On top of that, the responding officer found the accused “passed out drunk” and didn’t say anything to the effect she was raped, or injured, or anything else.

FREE THE DUKE 48 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Permalink] 6. GO VOTE wrote @ Mon, 17 Apr 2006, 6:13 pm CDT:

Everyone who can-Go boot this guy out of public office!
What a dip.


Nifong would be ashamed of his actions if he had a conscience. Using an inflammatory racial issue to garner votes is reprehensible. And the evidence released to this point indicates that the rape/assualt claim was fabricated. Yet, for personal gain, Nifong will essentially ruin the lives of 2 intelligent young men who, by all accounts, are fine people. 2 young men who would’ve undoubtedly contributed positively to society during their (now ruined) lives. The black stripper’s contributions to society will probably be more illegitimate children, the spreading of disease at “dance parties”, and market support of illegal drugs.

[Permalink] 8. Pat Mac wrote @ Wed, 19 Apr 2006, 4:48 am CDT:

Nifong will be the victim of his own undoing. He thought he had the perfect PC case to win an election and he went too far. Keep your heads up folks, the true victims, the boys, will be exonerated.

By nature, you want to feel bad for the mother that strips to feed her children. But the truth is, a group this size of any race and any make up would not stand for this alleged behavior. The alleged code of silence in this case is just the truth. What should be checked is the ears of the DA.

His clouded judgment lead him to politics and he forgot the law. This goof is going to go down in flames.

[Permalink] 9. Model Penal Code wrote @ Wed, 19 Apr 2006, 10:25 am CDT:

DA Nifong has presumed these players guilty from the outset. There seems to be more evidence mounting against the allegations than for. There are no excuses for Nifong in presuming guilt when we all know it is up to a jury of peers.

[Permalink] 10. Nam Vet wrote @ Wed, 19 Apr 2006, 5:37 pm CDT:

DA Nifong best not be re elected. This guy is corrupt, racist & evil. He is a typical Politically Correct racist. He played the race card & will lose. I am sick & tired of any time a black is involved in anything the race card gets played.

Jessie Jackson is paying this women’s education from the money he had used racism to extort from white companies and not paying his taxes. Jackle, I mean Jackson, would not do this if the accuser was white.

I bet Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave at all these LIBERAL blacks. Conservative blacks never play the race card. They support the views of Martin Luther King, liberals are pure racist.


Victims Rights: Strength in Unity

April 23, 2006 – April 29, 2006 is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. This year’s theme is “Victims Rights: Strength in Unity.”

It seems to me that this incident is causing so much tension and a huge divide for the Citizens of Durham, North Carolina. Instead of people becoming united, there is such a huge divide. What a shame.

On April 29, 2006 at 7:00 pm at the Marriott Civic Center in “The Plaza” in Durham, North Carolina there will be a Candlelight Vigil hosted by “Tears for Janet” This vigil is a rememberance of Janet Marie Christiansen Abaroa and her unborn child who was brutally stabbed in her Durham, North Carolina home on April 26, 2005, in which no suspect, no person of interest has been named. This vigil is being held in conjunction with National Crime Victims’ Rights Week and we hope all Victims of Crime attend.

It is my sincere hope that all citizens, politicians, the government, no matter what religion, race, ethnicity, sex, party affiliations ban together and show some Strength in Unity. It is time for all people to stand united during this trying time in Durham.

Please come, light a Candle for Janet and her unborn child, Light a Candle for Justice and Light a Candle for ALL VICTIMS of Crime.

[Permalink] 12. Chip Miller wrote @ Thu, 20 Apr 2006, 11:00 pm CDT:

Tawanna Brawley, anyone? Nifong is a racist asshole. Panderer.


Nifong is only out to get a vote. That stripper is only out to make these guys’ life a living hell for the rest of their lives. That slut should pay for her lies.

People like her make other races racist of them, they are the ones that start this crap. And wonder why white people hate them. I mean come on, no DNA evidence, and pictures to prove that one gentlemen wasn’t even there at the time of incident. And now the second stripper is changing her story.


[Permalink] 14. Joe B wrote @ Fri, 21 Apr 2006, 1:23 pm CDT:

Nifong smells.



How did this idiot get elected in the first place? Nifong, Jesse, and the strippers should rot in hell. The actions of Duke’s president should also be questioned. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? If this were the Duke basketball team (before the tournament), the actions taken would have been against individuals not the entire team. Since lacross does not generate the dollars, he allowed himself to get sucked into the same sense of presumption and should also pay with the loss of his job.

[Permalink] 16. Ralph wrote @ Fri, 21 Apr 2006, 6:26 pm CDT:

He wasn’t elected. He was appointed by Governor Easley. Also one of the guys isn’t a fine young man. Colin Finnerty is not a good person. He pleaded guilty to a gay-bashing in Washington DC in exchange for community service. The US attorney says that his new arrest could get the deal revoked.

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