Sunday, 28 August 2005

Walking on broken glass

What I woke up to this morning:

My smashed rear window Cracked rear view Glass all over the back seat of my car

The officer that responded said that mine was the fifth car with a broken rear window in recent days in the neighborhood; like in the other cases, nothing was taken from the car. So now my car looks like one of those mid-80s clunkers with a plastic bag covering the window—although it isn't rusted out or burning oil, so it doesn't quite fit in the ghetto yet.

The only real motivation I can think of: there were TiVo and POW-MIA stickers on that window. I doubt it was a ReplayTV owner, but I suppose it’s possible this could be some sort of idiotic anti-war statement by the Birkenstock brigade. Thank you, Cindy Sheehan!

This is my first ever entry in the OTB Sunday Drive, which seems oddly appropriate.


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Eek. Sorry to hear about that.

Well, I guess at least you aren’t in MS any longer—otherwise your car would be full of rain tomorrow.


Well, I’ve got a trash bag over the window, just in case. Hopefully it won’t rain before Tuesday morning, when my repair appointment is scheduled.


Welcome to the neighborhood, eh?

At least the car was still there. :-)


Savages! For you to work all that time in Jackson and move to Durham to get a glass broken ain’t right.

[Permalink] 5. Alfred Sumrall wrote @ Mon, 29 Aug 2005, 8:56 am CDT:

I was thinking the exact same thing jim said! Sorry to hear that, man. I am glad nothing was taken.


The personal property vandalism will continue until BUSHITLAR meets with Sheehan. A second time.

I’ve not had any instances of window-breaking since moving from San Francisco to Raleigh (had a couple of car break-ins in Upper Haight, which were usually homeless people looking for a place to sleep overnight, or anything of value they could trade for drugs), but, then again, I no longer have a car.


Nice non-sequitur bash on Cindy Sheehan. Given that you have absolutely no evidence that your POW-MIA sticker prompted the attack (did the po-po say that ALL of the OTHER acts of vandalism were politically related?) and couldn’t possibly believe that Cindy Sheehan had any actual influence on it even if it were, your tongue-in-cheek swipe at Cindy Sheehan (as representative of all anti-war folks…who equal “the Birkenstock brigade”... who equal fanatics who have a hypocritical disregard for the first amendment rights of all who disagree with them) defies logic. And you, who exhibit logical thought progression more than any other person I know, know that.

Your comment as a joke in a bar= funny b/c of the absurdist irony
Your comment as a joke on your highly public blog where your expertise on political matters is front and center= not so much

FYI, I GET the joke and would find it amusing were it not for the very public forum in which it was made. You feed the trolls with comments like this. How long before some semi-literate asshat links to your post as “evidence” of the type of behavior you insinuate?

PS if my comment attracts trollish comments from people that don’t know we are long-time friends who are capable of disagreeing and remaining friends, please delete it.

Hey Alfie. Stay dry!


Yes, I freely admit it was a cheap shot.

In any event, I got an email this morning over the local busy-body mailing list that the cops caught the perps.


How’d you get on that busy-body list?


I went to the Trinity Park website and found the subscribe link for the crime list. I didn’t bother signing up with any of the others; I couldn’t give a rats ass about people painting their doors blue and their sheds being 0.1 inches out of variance with code.

At the moment, they’re mostly whining about student parties. I must be at the quiet end of the neighborhood…


Just curious: Did you ever have a similar experience in Jackson?
I’m assuming from your comment on the stickers that nothing was stolen. Strange.

Sorry ‘bout the window; I hear that one is more expensive to replace than the standard ones.


Nope, I’ve never had anything like that happen to my car before.

The sucker was $201.04 to replace. I think replacing the whole windshield on my old Buick (which got hit by a rock from the road) was roughly the same price.

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