Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tony Tony Tony has done it again!

The brain trust that runs ESPN into the ground has decided to suspend Tony Kornheiser for two weeks from his PTI co-hosting duties for his criticism of ESPN SportsCenter anchor Hannah Storm’s recent attempts to up her MILF factor with age-inappropriate wardrobe choices.

The irony that they are punishing their viewers with two weeks of Dan LeBatard and Bob Ryan far more than they are punishing Mr. Tony (who I am sure is just heartbroken that he gets to spend an extra hour a day in the Barcalounger) appears to be totally lost on the suits.

Update: Deadspin claims that the real reason TK was suspended is due to different comments he made in the same rant about Chris Berman’s shilling for NutriSystem and ESPN’s acceptance of said advertising.


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My guess is that ratings will be down for this two-week stretch. How that is in ESPN‘s best interest is beyond me.

Really, the whole thing is ridiculous.


Apparently they have to keep Berman happy. In my mind, letting him jump to NBC or Fox (I can’t see CBS sullying their product with him) would cost them nothing, but maybe they think his tired schtick still attracts viewers.


Utterly bizarre.

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