Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Your day-before-conference APSA links

A brief “I have three classes to teach today” roundup:

I have nothing in particular to add, except to say that most of my conference activities will be off-the-radar in one way or another. But any readers of more-than-passing acquaintance who are interested in coming to a Friday evening “recession-beating reception” may contact me via email for an invite, with the caveat that it’s a BYOB event.


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“Probably by cutting the registration fee 50%, cutting the attendance by 60%, and renaming it to MPSA



No, you need to bring your passport no matter how you get into Canada—unless you don’t want to return to the United States.


There are a few things that work for land travel to and from Canada that don’t work for air (including the passport card, which I have). So we’re both right in a sense.

[Permalink] 4. anonymous coward wrote @ Mon, 7 Sep 2009, 3:25 pm CDT:
you need to bring your passport no matter how you get into Canada

Nup. Enhanced driver’s licenses are also okay.

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