Monday, 21 April 2008

It's all Bush's fault

If you can’t drive anywhere in New Orleans for the next two days, blame the convergence of presidents Bush and Calderón and Prime Minister Harper on New Orleans. Not that the traffic report websites have bothered warning people that you’re not going anywhere fast near I-10 or the central business district for the next day or so.

I also blame the president for having to park farther away on St. Charles than I normally do this morning, even though it’s probably really just due to my arriving later than usual and the campus being crawling with admits checking out the university before forking over their parents’ hard-earned bucks to the Tulane Educational Fund.


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A couple of New Orleans related items:

(1) I’ve been drinking Abita’s Restoration Ale of late and….d@%n…that stuff is phenomenal (the Jockomo IPA is awesome as well)

(2) what was the name of that bar with the awesome fountain?

(3) can you snap another pic of the fountain and email it to me? Apparently one of the side effects of Fat Tire Ale is forgetting how to work one’s camera phone.


Funnily enough I never see the Restoration Ale at the grocery stores around here. I wasn’t all that fond of their Mardi Gras Bock. Wish I could have smuggled back some 312 from Chicago.

The bar is the Bulldog. I definitely need to get back there soon.


Don’t blame Bush, blame the “North American Union”!!!!!

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