Friday, 25 August 2006

Freedom's end

Classes commence on Monday, and I’d say I’m around 85% organized—the only things I really need to take care of are fixing the room assignment for my research methods course and setting up my class stuff in WebCT.

On the job application front, I sent out six more Thursday, and have a stack of about twenty more to work on, about half of which I hope to take care of this weekend. No news yet on the 15 or so applications I’ve already sent, but I suppose that’s hardly a surprise…


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Classes here started this past week. I finished syllabi for each minutes before the first meeting. What are you teaching and how many do you have in each section?

Also, let me know if I can help with anything on the SOD.


My syllabi are mostly done, although I’m sure I’ll be making more tweaks before I put out the final versions on Tuesday, if only because I keep getting emails that say “this boilerplate needs to be in your syllabus.”

I’ve got three classes this semester: intro to American politics (19 students, at cap), methods (20, at cap), and electoral behavior (10, cap is 20 I think). The teaching load is a little more than I had at Duke (and the same as Millsaps), but I have a lot fewer students per class than at either.

As for the Spreadsheet of Death™, there hasn’t been that much in your neck of the woods, but I’ll let you know if anything comes up (as it inevitably seems to).

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