Sunday, 23 March 2003

Stylesheet switching

I’ve added a new feature: you can now change stylesheets using the new options on the right sidebar, and it will persist between visits using cookies. Note that the “run-in” style doesn’t seem to work except in browsers that are highly compliant with CSS level 2, which at the moment means recent Camino™, Mozilla, and Phoenix releases (and possibly Netscape 7). Newer builds of Safari may also produce the desired effects. However, the “serif” and “sans-serif” styles should be fine in any recent browser.

As expected, the run-in look (which I'm now using on my system as a default) works nicely in Safari (and, by extension, KHTML). However, Opera and IE have trouble with the :first-child selector, which stops them from working right. (IE also has trouble with :after.) I've also added a few new things to the stylesheet that produce neat effects in newer browsers.

Also behind the scenes, I've combined the CGI and Publisher versions of the page-handling code. The next step is to improve the administrative interface (which, frankly, sucks at the moment) and convert it to be XHTML-compatible (the front-end already is; it's not served or declared as XHTML for various reasons). After that, I think I'll be ready to put up a public release.