Sunday, 27 March 2005

Photo by request

I met my friends Alfie and Annie for dinner tonight at Corky’s, followed by beers at the Fox and Hound on Sanderlin; both events were punctuated by bad service, but otherwise quite enjoyable.

As both Mr. and the future Mrs. Sumrall are avid Signifying Nothing fans, I indulged a request from Annie for her photo to be posted to the blog; apologies for the low quality, as the flash on my camera phone sucks royally, although daylight photos come out fairly well.


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Is that Corky’s Barbeque?Ah… I miss Corky’s? (I’m from Arkansas originally).


And the sister chain of Fox & Hound’s known as Bailey’s here in Atlanta is quite good too… Of course I think I’ve seen a Fox & Hound’s out here too. I’ve always meant to stop in at the one in Memphis and have even driven by it several times.


Mike: Indeed, it was Corky’s BBQ.


I’m still waiting for someone at Fox and Hound to ask if we want a drink. Man, it must have been you b/c I’ve always had really good luck with drinks there. :-)


1) Corky’s BBQ is evil…when you get to Durham, I am going to take you to BBQ #1 for a taste of Ambrosia.

2) Alfie in no way deserves such a lovely young lady.


That’s BBQ #1 in Lexington, NC…I forgot that the readership here is global and might not immediately recognize the reference.

  1. This remains to be seen.
  2. Indeed.
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