Sunday, 13 March 2005

The Day After

Today, I decided to continue to semi-unwind in New Orleans rather than driving straight back to Jackson. I think I ended up walking around downtown and the French Quarter for about four hours, although I spent much of that time at the D-Day Museum (excellent, and well worth the $14, even though I’d had the history of it before when I visited Normandy with my dad in 1990) and the aquarium (my five-year-old cousin probably would have enjoyed it, but I couldn’t exclude the $16 admission from my evaluation of the clearly kid-geared presentation; the jellyfish were neat, however). Also worth seeing is the New Orleans Holocaust Memorial, an interesting piece of public art on the riverwalk just downriver from the aquarium.

Had I decided to play tourist before 10 a.m. this morning—or if I’d realized that her cell number was in my cell phone before I was calling my dad on the way back to Jackson—I probably could have had the company of TLLJ, who I believe had similar plans for the day, although the simple pleasure of wandering about alone with one’s own thoughts should never be discounted.

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I used to live in Metarie, but I was too young (moved just before 4th grade) to remember much – and didn’t get into N’awlins much, anyway. (I have a faint memory of a large stone fountain, and the Cub Scout troop once toured the battleship.) Been meaning to check out the city one of these days. Any recommendations of stuff to see (or avoid)?

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