Friday, 11 March 2005

Things that annoy me

Every time I log on to MyAPSA, I have to scroll past this stupid message:

Thank you for submitting your proposal to the 2005 Annual Meeting program. We received a large number of excellent proposals—too many, unfortunately, to be able to incorporate all of them into the program. Your proposal has not been accepted to the program.

We appreciate your interest in the upcoming APSA Annual Meeting and hope that you have the opportunity to attend.

Now, if I were just someone who had submitted a proposal and been rejected, I’d be annoyed by the reminder every time I log in that I got dinged—on the first login, I could see it being valuable, but by the 30th or so I think I’d be pissed off. But I didn’t even submit a proposal, so it’s just insulting me for no good reason. Jackasses.

Just another reminder that, as Mr. Pravda says, “it’s always a good idea to underreport your professional income when paying dues to the APSA.”

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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I cannot believe the cost of APSA anymore. It is worse if you are on a panel since their conference fees are so hight that most travel doesn’t cover it. They go to cities that are great but we get little for what we get. Sorry, I missed you if you were at the Mississippi Political Science Assn. that was in Jackson a month ago.


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