Friday, 11 February 2005

Cold sufferers latest victims of War on Some Drugs

Another entry in our ongoing series, “cut the legislature’s pay and send them home”: the nitwits in the House have managed to make it harder to buy cold medicine than it is to vote in this state.

Buying cold medicine could require showing photo ID, signing your name and talking to the pharmacist under House bills passed Thursday.

The next time any Democrats in the legislature start whining about requiring voter ID, someone ought to remind them they voted for this idiotic bill.


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Don’t worry if it doesn’t pass in your state. The United States Congress is on it.


The meth train is tough to stop.


It is a dumb law, and dumber yet that no id is required to vote, but as far as drug laws go, I can understand this one, at least.

They rae desperate, and it is understandable. What meth does to people is horrifying.

Check out this site.

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