Wednesday, 15 December 2004

Since this as close to a win against Ole Miss as I'm likely to get....

...I'll take it:
They’ve said the proper things all week, praising Eli Manning’s arm strength and reminding that nothing is given on a football field, even when a team on an 11-game winning streak meets one on a six-game losing streak.

But the closer the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense gets to facing No. 1 draft pick Manning, the more excited they get. They see the hesitancy in his eyes and the tentativeness of his throws, and they can’t wait to get at him.

While none of the Steelers wants to provide bulletin board material for the slumbering New York Giants by saying they erred by drafting Manning, it’s obvious they don’t feel he’s on the same plane as their own rookie quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.

To them, Roethlisberger has never seemed nervous or intimidated, or exactly how they expect Manning to be when the Steelers (12–1) play the Giants (5–8) Saturday at Giants Stadium.

Of course, if the Giants win this weekend I’ll have this post for people to throw back at me, but so be it. I’ll be watching if it comes on in the Patch.

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Yeah, I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if Eli does much against the Steelers too.

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