Friday, 15 October 2004

More shootings on Sam Cooper

The total number of car shootings on Sam Cooper Blvd. between Hollywood and Tillman has risen to twelve, including one van which was hit by a bullet last night.

UPDATE: Make that thirteen. This WMC story has the best details of any I've seen so far:

It's been happening between Tillman and Hollywood as drivers head West and the damage is consistently on the passenger side. Police are investigating 12 cases in which drivers had damage to their vehicles. The 13th report came from a women who says she saw a flash and heard a loud boom.


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You know, this sounds more like the Ohio sniper than the Beltway Sniper or whatever they called Malvo and Muhammed.


Here’s an email I sent to my friends just this morning, relating to the shootings you’ve been writing about. I thought I would share my thoughts on it.
Well, here’s a nice little story. The way that I go, usually 4 – 8 times per day, to get on or off of the interstate is down a street called Sam Cooper Parkway. Since Monday (6 days ago) 13 cars have been shot at (sniper-style) on this street. They don’t know anything much and haven’t caught anyone yet. So, my other options are all either going a much longer route or driving through the ghetto. How weird when the ghetto starts looking like the better way than the big, brand-new, 6 lane parkway.

My first thought was that the shooter must be someone on the parallel street to the new street. It used to be that you had to drive down the parallel street to get on or off the interstate. Since Sam Cooper’s new road opened up you don’t have to drive that way, and there’ve been reports that many of the businesses on the old road are now going bankrupt because there’s no traffic coming by. Well, what would be a good way to get people to drive the old way? Scare them away from the new way! So, that was my theory. What’s weird is that the other night Wm and I were talking about it and HE said the same thing I was thinking. He said, “I bet it’s someone from that street that used to be Sam Cooper!” I feel like if he and I both had the same thought about it, surely the police are considering that as well? Anyway, I’ve thought about calling them and telling them that, but don’t want to seem like a nutjob calling with no real information. But that would make so much sense.

When I told my mom she said “Oh, I wish ya’ll would move out of Memphis.” Wm said if she wants to buy us a new house in Collierville (where she lives) we’d be glad to come out there :) Her house is so far from Midtown (where I live) it is like practically going out of town to get there, although it is really still basically part of Memphis.

So, any comments on my theory???


This person seems to have police or miltary training. Getting off 13 rounds
in a public place without being seen. and in the same area . Past snipers
always moved around firing in different locations, cities,and even different
states. No one has been hurt yet. makes you wounder if he’s missing on purpose, just getting attention. but he needs to be caught soon before
someone gets hurt. this doesn’t look good on memphis.


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