Wednesday, 1 September 2004

Is this a dagger I see before me?

Since the Canadian libertarian bloggers are doing it, it must be cool. I hereby endorse the emerging dagger (†) convention for attributing links stolen borrowed from other weblogs or sites, even if it may make people think the target of the link is dead or is subject to being changed to some other cool-looking character (such as þ or ☣, the latter being highly useful for linking to Atrios or LGF) in the future.


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I’m rather partial to the þ myself, since it looks like a tipped hat. I can’t even tell what that other symbol is supposed to be.


The other symbol looks like the biohazard symbol to me. Which is perfectly appropriate for Little Green Footballs….


Yeah, I think you need a full-range Unicode font, like Arial Unicode MS, installed for that one to show up properly. (It doesn’t show up on my laptop either…)


Why stop at one character, when a four-char. smiley can also work? (”,)

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