Saturday, 19 June 2004

C2 Review

I found some C2 at Wal-Mart tonight in the course of handing over a significant portion of my last paycheck to the Walton heirs. My general first impression is that it tastes like a slightly less syrupy version of regular Coca-Cola Classic; unlike, for example, Diet Coke,* it actually manages to evoke the flavor of regular Coke.

Since it is less syrupy than regular Coke, I’d imagine C2 probably makes a better mixer with vodka. Not having any vodka (or, for that matter, any hard liquor) on hand, such experiments will have to wait until at least Monday.

Update: Len Cleavelin also has a review of C2 that goes into more scientific detail.

* For some reason known only to the Coca-Cola gods, Diet Coke tastes nothing like Coca-Cola Classic and seems to have been more inspired by New Coke or Coke II; Diet Rite cola actually tastes much more like regular Coke, though somewhat less like Coke than C2 does.


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I had some vodka in the freezer and forgot to try that. I will have to check it out when I get some more C2.


Last I remember reading about it (and damn my failing memory for not remembering the source), the similarity of Diet Coke to New Coke/Coke II is quite deliberate. The evil genius behind New Coke still thinks that the New Coke flavor is “better” than Coke Classic, and it was his decision to go that route.

For myself, if they’d produce a Diet Coke that tasted like Coke Classic, I’d marry it. In a heartbeat.

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