Sunday, 28 March 2004

USM Update

Sunday’s Clarion-Ledger has three articles on the ongoing Southern Miss saga:

  • USM director of resource and risk management Jack Hanbury gives slightly more detail on the background of the investigation of suspended professors Glamser and Stringer; key quote:
    Hanbury said Thames asked him to investigate the professors only after Hanbury received information that indicated “very serious misconduct.”

    The information came from Kentucky and arrived after the issue went public, Thames has said.

  • USM’s Angie Dvorak sits down with the Clarion-Ledger to clarify her curriculum vitae.
  • Ole Miss journalism professor Joe Atkins has an op-ed on the regional antipathy to unions that ties in Thames’ bogus allegation that the AAUP is a labor union.

In other USM news, the school hired disgraced former Iowa State coach Larry Eustachy as its new basketball coach on Thursday, replacing fired coach James Green.

More updates at Liberty & Power and the Fire Shelby Thames! website.