Thursday, 11 March 2004

USM Day 4: From bad to worse

Events are now on an inevitable collision course down in Hattiesburg. Today’s developments:

  • The Hattiesburg American interviews University of Southern Mississippi president Shelby Thames. Thames did not back off his assertions that the AAUP was a union or his criticism of history professor Doug Chambers for allegedly cancelling class in response to Thames’ actions.
  • Thames also went after the president of the USM faculty senate today, accusing him of hypocrisy.
  • Thames suggests that criminal charges may be in the offing against fired professors Glasmer and Stringer. The professors deny they engaged in any illegal or unethical conduct.
  • 69% of USM faculty voted on the no confidence motion; 64% of the entire faculty (including those who didn’t vote) voted in favor of the no confidence motion.
  • USM provost Tim Hudson says he’s not stepping down, despite disagreeing with Thames’ actions in the case.
  • Thames will not resign in the face of the overwhelming no confidence vote.